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Dance Group


Dance group



At Bankstown South Infants School we pride ourselves on offering dance to all students within our school.



Our dance program focuses on the creative arts and PDHPE syllabus requirements. Students are given opportunities to develop their knowledge, understanding, skills, values, and attitudes in performing, composing, and appreciating dance.



Students are taught the elements of dance through a range of contexts and are given the opportunity to perform during assemblies and school community events such as a multicultural day. this allows everybody to take part, have fun, and practice their skills in singing and dancing. 

Perfomance Dance Group

Performance dance group



Our school invites students from Kindergarten to Year 2 to audition for the performance dance group.


A group of students is then selected to represent our school at events such as the Bankstown East Hills District Dance Festival.


The students participate in weekly dance rehearsals at school and have the opportunity to perform on stage at a venue in our local community, along with other schools in the district.


Our program allows students to experience the joy of dance and find confidence through performing on stage in front of a live audience.